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Best games for Low-End PC [Quarantine Edition]

Bored at home? Well that's only natural since we all are at some point these days. Well if you got a PC or Laptop lying around maybe you can play some games. No graphics card? No problem.
Here are some awesome games that you can play even on low-end pc's.

Grand Theft Auto Franchise

Nothing like an open world action fun game to tear down your boredom. At this point I don't think there is any gamers out there who doesn't know about GTA. There are a couple of games in this franchise that you can play even without a graphics card.


The first game in the series to feature third person view, which then followed the entire franchise. But it still has a top down view mode if you are into the classic old GTA style. It's fun. It's been a lot of years since I played this game so I don't remember much about the story but well it's a GTA game, so there is a lot more than just the story.

GTA Vice City

This colorful open world was my first game in the franchise and the first open world game that I ever played. Story may not be that great but enough to back up the gameplay. Man this game brings a lot of nostalgic feelings. And some missions are still in my head. Really was a masterpiece. 

GTA San Andreas

The most popular game in the entire franchise. And it still being played today by a lot of gamers. Not only that there is a dedicated mods community to make the game even more enjoyable. So even if you had played this game before maybe try playing again with some fun modes. How funny this game can become with mods is beyond any words. And if you think you have a better PC to run this game there also a graphics mod which enhances the graphics on a marginal scale. But I guess you are here because you don't have one. Well still it's a great masterpiece to go back and play once again.

Prince of Persia Franchise

Prince of Persia is series of action-adventure games which revolves around the story of a prince. This series is one of the best hack n slash third person action games out there. And the stories are pretty good too. Well actually there was a movie too based on the game. These some of the games in the franchise that you can enjoy on a low end PC.

POP Sands of Time

It was first in the franchise and the one that the movie was based of. The game features some incredible acrobatic moves and time bending skills. It's fully action packed with a good story.

POP Warrior Within

The sequel to Sands of time, the game follows yet another journey of the prince. Honestly this my favorite game in the whole franchise. Pretty great story, exploration, action packed acrobatic fights and some insane time controlling skills. Amazing game.

POP The Two Thrones

The third installment of the franchise which continues the story of the prince. Like the previous games this one also had some best combat skills along with a good storyline. The powers the prince get throughout the game has never disappointed me. I really would love to play remaster of this trilogy but for now all of this can be played even without a graphics card.

Need for Speed Franchise

The most popular racing series of all time. If you played any racing games on PC, consoles or even in mobile you should had played or atleast heard about this franchise. It is one of the oldest game franchise which still releasing new games. And there are a bunch of awesome games by NFS. Here are some you can play.

NFS Underground

The game that really changed NFS as a whole. I mean this game was really amazing. Story, garage, customization, career mode, everything that you see on today's NFS games was made possible by this one. The game was so popular and successful that it paved the way for the next in the series underground 2.

NFS Underground 2

Like the previous game this was also an amazing game. By continuing the story of previous game, addition to all the features before it also has an open world free roam mode. Customization, gameplay style and the neon leds really made the game feel like you are actually on the streets. I really wish there was a Underground 3 by now.

NFS Most Wanted 2005

At this point who doesn't know about the iconic BMW M3 GTR right? You don't? well you should. Most Wanted was the most selling game in the franchise. With new take on the street racing and intense police chases it quickly become a fan favorite. Also this was my first NFS game, so I think I'm a bigger fanboy of this game than any other in the series. You should not miss out on such a masterpiece. There's also a reboot of the game in 2012 but I'm not a big fan of that.

NFS Hot Pursuit 2

Tired of running away from cops? Well now you can play as one. In Hot Pursuit 2 you play as both racer or the police. There wasn't a good story mode though but it was fun to play changing the sides for once. And I'm pretty sure almost any low end PC by today's standard can easily handle this game.

NFS Carbon

The sequel to the story of Most Wanted. New features got introduced in the game. Continued storyline with the introduction of new characters, racing wingman and a wider customization option. Though the police chase didn't felt as intense compared to it's predecessor. But still a good game to spend some time on.

Total Overdose: A Gunslinger's Tale in Mexico

Total Overdose or TOD in short is an open world third person shooting game. Well I'm not a big fan of that open world but I'm a big fan of the shooting skills. I mean this has one of the bullet time effect on any games I seen. I know Max Payne is a great game with bullet time effect but this game takes it on a whole another level. There's also some other special skills called loco moves which can give you upperhand in fighting large amount of enemies. And since it's open world you can explore the world and drive cars around the city. But believe me you wouldn't playing the game for it's open world feature.

Call of Duty Franchise

One of the fan favorite of most shooting FPS gamers. COD series are my favorite FPS shooting games out there, especially the Modern warfare series. COD is still making games these days and there is even a free game called Warzone which is a battle royale game. There are a couple of great games frrom COD that you can run on Low End hardware.

COD World at War

First title in the Black Ops story line, set in the era of World War II.It is one of my favorite world war game from COD. And as you know it has a great campaign mod and as well as multiplayer modes. But let me be honest, most of us play COD for the single player campaign.

COD Black Ops

The sequel to World at War, Black Ops continues the storyline. Just as you would except like many COD games this also delivers the amazing campaign experience that we all look forward to. Even though it's about 10 years old, this game still delivers amazing gaming experience.

COD Modern Warfare

Well World at War might be my favorite game set in world war era. But my absolute favorite shooting game of all time is this. Simply masterpiece. I know a lot of gamers regardless of if he's a fanboy or not, has enjoyed this game so much. This war a beginning of a great series in the franchise. Also gave us some iconic characters that we never forget. This game was again released as a remaster and also a reboot. So I think MW is the most popular series in COD franchise.

COD Modern Warfare 2

The journey continues in MW2. I mean after telling that much about MW, I don't think I need to describe much about the game. But there is a level that might be disturbing to play. The game will ask if you want to skip that mission or not, when you start the campaign.

COD Modern Warfare 3

The last game of the trilogy. This got me real emotional. If you played it then you already know. But nonetheless this is a great game.

Max Payne Franchise

Max Payne is a great game series. I'm a big fan of Max Payne 2 and 3. Especially 3. Though the third installation will need powerful PC's, the first two parts will run just fine on most PC's including Low End ones.

Max Payne

The first installation of the series which was a big success. It got a taste of it's own with Noir type storytelling and excellent gunplay. I'd say this game gave a huge impression to developers and gamers on the bullet time effect. I like these kinds of slow motion effects a lot, and we can see so many games that picked up and executed effectively. But Max Payne is on a level of it's own.

Max Payne 2

The sequel to the first game, Max Payne 2 follows the storyline with all the gameplay elements kept and improved. This game was my first on this franchise and I instantly became a fan of the gunplay. The story is not that long though but still pretty enjoyable.


How many powers do you need in one person? Yes. Prototype is an action-adventure open world game. Well it can't be actually said as powers, because it is a kind of decease from a plague. As the game's protagonist Alex Mercer you have to stop this serious plague from getting out of hand. The game pretty amazing actually. At the time I haven't seen any game like it. I mean I played some superhero games but none was exciting and original to be compared with this.

Batman Arkham Asylum

One of the best superhero game that gave birth to an amazing franchise. I really love the Arkham series. The combat, story, graphics, almost everything is well executed. They really showed us how to make a superhero game with this one. I don't think there is any other superhero game that is well made as the Arkham series.

Burnout Paradise

An open world racing game. Unlike NFS series this one is pretty different yet satisfying. The game is set in a fictional city called Paradise City. The game got excellent sense of speed and the open world encourages you to explore. I think most gamers consider this as the best game in the franchise.

Devil May Cry 4

I'm a big fan of DmC 5. But that might need a bit more demanding PC than an average Low End PC. But don't worry because Devil May Cry 4 is an insanely action packed hack n slash game. It is fast paced and when I say action packed, I really mean it. Even the cutscenes are so awesome and stylish. Well the game focus on style as much as any other aspect of the game.

Hitman Franchise

If you like stealth the Hitman is a pretty great series. Using various types of disguises and approach, you can choose how to execute a mission.

Hitman 2: Silent Assassin

This was my first ever Hitman game. I'm not exactly a stealth game fan but this one was pretty fun to play. Once I finished the game, I replayed with cheats enabled which made the game a bit hilarious and fun in it's own way. I still remember the first mission so much because I replayed it several time just to have some hilarious moments.

Hitman: Contracts

Pretty much all Hitman game is to assassinate people and this ones also the same, but with a different story and improved gameplay mechanics.

Hitman: Blood Money

Another installment of the masterpiece assassination game. Agent47 is pretty famous you know. Almost all the Hitman games is pretty fun to play. Even if you don't like stealth, you can somewhat take a more direct approach taking out enemies one by one(Atleast that's how I used to play most levels on all Hitman games)

Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos

Warcraft games are pretty fun. I haven't played much in the series but this was actually great. I'm not a RPG or Strategy games yet this seemed to keep me entertained quite a bit back in the days. There's also an expansion to the original game called the Frozen Throne.


Grand theft auto in school. That's the easiest way to describe this game. You play as a student and that means you have to attend classes. You'll also face lots of bullies in the school, well that's the tittle of the game. Learning is pretty fun in this game. It is kind of open world. You can explore the school and other places with certain limitation but nevertheless it's pretty fun. Atleast try to score better in class.

Well that's about some of the best games that you can play even on a low end PC. So what's your favorite game? Comment section is all yours.

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