Thursday, 3 October 2019

A Great Tool for Gaming and Multitasking!

So if you are a Gamer or does multiple tasks at a time which maybe really heavy demanding then at some point you might have ran into some sort of system stall or Windows crash. Well if so then there is a tool that can make these apps run the way it's supposed to be and probably avoid most of the freezing and crashes.

Process Lasso

Process Lasso is a process priority optimizer and it allows full control of running processes. It can automatically set your proffered priorities and affinity for particular apps of your choice. So for example if you want a game to be always set to high priority then this app can do that when it launches without you manually needing to alt tabbing out and setting priority every time. It can also dynamically adjust priorities so non of the process would bring your system to a virtual stall, so less freeze and crash. You know for me there were some games in the past that performed better at high priority but if I alt tab out to set the priority then try to get back to the game then either the game won't respond or the control would straight up stopped responding. It only happen to very few games but still having this app would have made things a lot easier. You can also monitor responsiveness, CPU load, RAM usage and other various details.

It'll be most useful for hardcore Gamers, multitaskers and editors. If you intend to use your PC during heavy loads such as installing an app or rendering then this app will be really useful since the foreground apps always get higher priority.

If you are wondering why not use task manager, well it's a lot advanced than our friendly task manager. And if you had read what I said above then you know how it is.

So yeah, I guess using your PC while it's doing your works in the background without any BSOD seems like a great way for the perfect PC experience.

Well it's free so I don't think it would hurt for you to try. You can also buy full version to access more advanced features. But even still the free version is just fine and only sometimes it asks you to buy the full version but you can ignore that if you're not interested.

So here go ahead and download - Process Lasso

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