Sunday, 7 July 2019

Huawei is back! - Ban lifted?

So by now, you guys have heard of the ban which was set upon Huawei. And they were put on a blacklist and were drastically limited to do business with U S companies including Google. So ultimately removing license for Google related apps such as Play Store, Play services, YouTube, Gmail etc. Well that was basically leaving the OS obsolete.
But Huawei is still not out of the competition. It's Ban is getting lifted as announced by the U S President Donald Trump.

Even though when the ban was set upon the company, Huawei was never backing down from the competition. Infact the company was making it's own OS to rival against Android. There might have been a chance that Google was a bit considered about the OS. But thankfully the ban might be getting lifted from Huawei. The company has been given temporary allocations to make businesses with U S companies for a limited amount of time. And President Trump has made clear that there is a chance that the future negotiation will most probably will be able to raise the ban permanently from the company, removing it from the blacklist.

This is without a doubt a huge relief for all the Huawei and Honor users around the world and probably a bit relief for Google as well, since Huawei is a big business opportunity for Google. Also this is a great news for the company itself. Honestly it's a good thing that the ban is getting lifted, since Huawei has made some groundbreaking technology developments for their products and it's always a good thing to have more companies in the market so that the competition will encourage other companies to make improvements to their products in a much efficient way.

But then again, it may be safer for Huawei to keep making progress to their own OS so that in any case if such unexpected incidents happen again then they can roll out their own solution. Also it's been rumored that the OS might support Apk files, and if so it will be a great advantage and also great for competing against android.

But anyways, even though trump has allowed Huawei to make business with american countries, it's still not permanent. Future negotiations are yet to come. And currently Huawei is working on it's Hongmeng OS, making sure it will be able to release soon to devices if necessary. The company claims that the OS will be faster than Android and has broader applications. More details on the OS are yet to come and we will see whats going to happen to this and other tech giants in this business pretty soon.

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