Thursday, 18 April 2019

Battlefield V/5 Stutter (Memory leak) Fix!

Battlefield 5 is one the best first person shooting games. And also one of the first ever games to have the new RTX features. But anyways if you are here that means you are having some issues with your game. To be exact, unnecessary stutterings happening at random points which can make the game unplayable. Well then let's get it fixed.

Just so you know, there is a chance that this fix might not work for you if your problem is not exact as the one am facing. Well the problem happens due to memory leak. If you happen to have 8 GB of RAM then there is a great chance that you might face this. If this happens to you even if you have higher amount of RAM then you can try the fix and see if it helps. So this fix will help users with Windows 10 creator update and higher version. Not sure about the rest, you need to test that out yourselves.


So the fix is pretty simple. All you have to do is download this application called Intelligent Standby List Cleaner (ISLC).

Then install it anywhere you like

Run the app and press start. You don't need to change any settings.

And then run the game (Don't exit the application).


Turn off DirectX 12. Also turn off High Dynamic Range if you don't have a HDR monitor.

That's it. It's a quick fix and it worked for me. So it should work for you if you are also facing memory leak problem like me.

click here to download the application

I hope this fixed the weird stuttering issue for you and you can also try this with other games if you are facing similar problems like this.

Anyways Happy Gaming.

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