Sunday, 3 March 2019

The Best - Free Battle Royale Game for PC?

This may be quite an obvious topic. And probably you may have seen these recommendations on other sites. But still if this topic even serves as an underline to those you already know then it is worth making. Anyways let's see which game is most recommended and best free battle royale game.

So first of all there are a lot of free battle royale games at this time. And they are pretty good in their own way. And some games like PUBG PC Lite need to have some tweaks to be able to play in some regions. So including all that there are some pretty good battle royale games out there But the most recommended and probably the most you heard right now would be Fortnite and Apex Legends. Which are also can be considered as an alternative to PUBG PC. But now there's also PUBG PC Lite, so that's a better alternative if you wanted to play PUBG for free.

But anyways aside from PUBG, Fortnite and Apex Legends are pretty good. And I personally like Apex. Fortnite is more similar to PUBG with it's third person view approach, But for many including me don't like the implementation of building. For Fortnite building is an essential key, and people who can build fast and better are gonna top other players. And if you are not good at building fast and effective then you're gonna have to be extremely good with your gun and aiming to get some kills. So yes the building aspect is not everyone's gonna like. Well if they decide to add a non-building mode into the game, probably more people are gonna play it. But I don't see that's happening because after all the game is called 'FORT'nite, so... ya, probably not.

And that's where Apex Legends come in. It's just a straight up BR game with the introduction of Legends who have special abilities of their own. Kinda like a mix between Overwatch and PUBG. It's very similar to Titanfall 2, after all it is a spin off of Titanfall. So the game have a taste of Titanfall w/o titans, Call of Duty, PUBG and Overwatch(maybe even paladins).

So anyways the game is well balanced. The characters which are called Legends are also well balanced with each of their own skills. Graphics are great for a fast paced multiplayer game. And the soundtracks are amazing, it just pumps up the hype. The Legends have their own voice and dialogues with humor. Well overall the game is pretty engaging. I've been playing it after a few days of it's release and am still hyped to play it everytime I launch the game or watch a video of it. Even though it's your everyday BR game, it got some flavors of it's own.

And this game has a great focus on team play, which I really like. Unless you are extremely good with multiplayer games, I mean extra extremely good or the luckiest guy who happend to play the game, you really need to play as a team to get the win.

Unlike other BR games you still have a chance to revive your teammates if atleast one of you manage to stay alive in a combat. So if other players in your team gets killed, you still have a chance to revive them by acquiring their banner and getting them to spawn points, and ultimately shifting the tides in your favor. It's a different approach to BR games but I do appreciate the efforts.


Well like you might have expected, Apex Legends is my pick for the best free battle royale game that you can play right now. But if you are ok with building then Fortnite will the best thing to go for as it does require more skill and you can test it out. Well there's now also PUBG PC Lite which is also free but like I said, it needs some tweaks to play in some countries but probably they will expand it to more countries in the feature.. So kudos to that.

Anyways that's it for this topic. Enjoy your time with these games.

Happy Gaming.

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