Sunday, 10 March 2019

Fix Stuttering of Videos Recorded by Nvidia Share/Shadowplay

So if you record gamplay videos and if you own a Nvidia card then the chances are you are using Nvidia Share or previously known as Nvidia Shadowplay. And you're here because you get this weird problem with some of your recorded videos. Well let's get into it.

First let me explain what the actual problem is, and if this problem is similar to what you are facing then it can be fixed by following this topic to the end.

So the thing is, while recording your gameplay everything works just fine. The game runs fine, there are no stuttering, lag or any types of hiccups. But after the recording is done and when you view the video file, you're gonna see some weird stuttering happening all over the place. There are no possible reason for it to happen when you recorded it but it's happening in the video. It's weird and also gonna be frustrating. I know. Well let's get it fixed.

Before jumping to the fix, check to see if the video has stuttering with other video players such as Films&TV or windows media player. Because sometimes some video players can be a bit choppy with some video files such as the VLC media player. So check that first and if the problem is still persisting then let's see how to fix it.


OK so the fix is pretty simple.

1. Open up Task manager (Right click on taskbar or Ctrl+Shift+Esc)

2. Go to Details

3. look for nvcontainer.exe (You are gonna see atleast one of this .exe file)

4. Set the priority to high (And if you happen to have more than one of this .exe file set priority to high in all of it)

5. Close it and try recording now.

Your problems should be fixed now. It's a quick and simple fix and a weird problem.

Note: This does not fix stuttering in your game, only fixes stuttering for the recorded video. So if your game has stuttering it's gonna be shown in the recorded video also.

Disclaimer: I am not the one who found the fix. I read it in some forums back when I first faced this issue with my older Nvidia card. So all Credits goes to the person who found this fix.

Watch video - Fix Nvidia Share/Shadowplay Stuttering in Recorded Videos!

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