Sunday, 9 December 2018

Article 13 - Death of Fair Use Policy !?! #SaveYourInternet

As a creator you already know that most content on the internet is based on the Fair Use Policy, and as a viewer/consumer you may or may not already know about this. But it's all coming to an end as according to Article 13 of EU's Copyright Law. That means the Internet and Social media platforms you know of as right now won't be the same anymore. The content creators you love may probably get banned forever.


What is this so called 'Article 13' ?

In simple terms it means that any content that you don't own a 100% including the video, audio and almost all effects and products in your content then it can get taken down in almost all the major social platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc..
Including anything you share as an image or even as a link can be blocked in the EU or it can be taken down globally if you are in EU based countries.

So, Why should you be concerned ?

If Article 13 made into as a Copyright law then only a handful of large companies will be allowed to upload content. And smaller channels in YouTube and individual creators may get their content taken down even if it's based on the Fair Use Policy as we know today.

For example currently in YouTube there is a system called the Content ID which uses the information from copyright owners to detect any videos using their content and decides what happens in the video if it matches their works. Then the video will get a copyright claim with certain limitation such as not able to monetize or blocked in specific countries. But that's fine if someone just straight up uploads their content on their channel. But when the video's are used under the fair use policy, such as using a short clip or doing cover and as an intent of parody, review and meme's then it can't be claimed. Well you can even upload some copyrighted material if you don't make revenue using it.

But if Article 13 takes over then those contents will get blocked in EU or your channel might end up getting banned... Yikes.
That means even if you upload a gameplay video like me, who does benchmarks on a game and it's under the fair use policy it can still get taken down since you don't own the video 100%.
Not only for video's in YouTube but also blog posts, meme's, comments, livestreaming or even a link you share can get taken down.

Has it been made into a Law ?

Yes and no. It first got rejected in July but the same amended version of it got approved in September.
So yeah, it's on the roll but not yet been fully implemented. But it will soon if we doesn't do anything. I can't help but get a feeling that those people whom was in the favor of the article only wanted to know the one side of the story...
While Article 13 seems a fair policy to go forward with it(well especially for music artists), it has so many unintended causes on the other side. So I hope they consider what's best for everyone.

What can you do to Help ?

Just spread the word as much as you can, that's atleast you can do. The main big reason it was approved in the first place was because not many people knew about this. And the biggest impact you can make as a creator or as a consumer is discuss about this with your friends, families and in social media. Make awareness. Let the authorities know that this can do a lot of harm than good.
If you are a content creator like me then you can also help by making videos or posts about this, and it doesn't matter how small or big impact you have in the social media's because every single person's awareness counts. And for everyone, use #SaveYourInternet as much as possible in everywhere you can.

Share this post and let everyone know about how important this act is.


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