Thursday, 18 October 2018

The most underrated Ghost Horror Anime ever

If you are an anime fan then at some point you may have searched for horror anime's. But you may not have found the suitable one for you to enjoy. Horror anime's can be of different types, but the one I'm talking about is a ghost anime. It got a little bit of action, horror, humor, comedy and also is a supernatural mystery thriller.

The anime we're talking about is 'Ghost Hunt'. It was adapted from a light novel called Akuryō Series which was written by Fuyumi Ono. It was then adapted to anime by J.C.Staff which was aired in 2006 and consists of 25 episodes.

The plot goes as a girl named Mai Taniyama, a first year high school school student who becomes involved with Shibuya Psychic Research (SPR) and it's young manager, Kazuya Shibuya. Mai then later nicknames him as "Naru" due to his narcissistic attitude, and eventually that nickname gets adopted by all those who came to work with SPR. Other characters include a Buddhist monk named Houshou Takigawa, a shrine maider named Ayako Matsuzaki, a celevrity teen psychic named Masako Hara, a Catholic priest named John Brown and Naru's solemn and taciturn assistant named Lin Kōujo.

The anime also explores the paranormal abilities of the characters, particularly focusing on Mai's "latent psychic abilities" which is demonstrated by her dreaming avout information relevant to their cases.

The anime starts off as a funny themed incident but then through the journey gets serious enough to keeps you interested in it's dark themed mysteries. The mysteries are tackled quite well and every instances has some sort of explanation.

While the anime mainly focus on solving these mysteries, there also comedy but most of all horrors which are kind of a jump scare. But maybe not everything they find has to be a ghost or demon. It can be also caused by people, which can only be known after nearing the conclusion of a case. The anime also provides some good creepy soundtracks and audio effects which makes you feel like you're watching a horror movie when things get serious.
It's disappointment that being heavily underrated at the time resulted in the end of the anime series. If it was the among most popular anime's I'm sure it would have gotten a season 2 or maybe even a season 3. But seriously it's a great anime that I definitely recommend you to watch. It got so much potential only if had more seasons, it could have been one of the best and popular anime of all time.
But still even without a those tittles it's still one of the best anime to watch.

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