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Tecno Camon i (Tecno IN5) Review [After 4 month usage]

Tecno Camon i is the budget smartphone by tecno that was launched in January 2018 in India.
So if you are hearing this company for the first time then let me give you a little info.
Tecno Mobile is a Chinese mobile phone manufacturer which is based in Hong Kong. It was established in 2006. It is a subsidiary of Transsion Holdings. And also transsion Holding also owns Itel, Infinix and Spice.

So you see the company is not cheap. It gives budget smartphones with good value for money. But anyways lets only focus on Camon i for now.

Lets start with the Specs:

  • DISPLAY: 5.65" IPS LCD, HD+, Fullview, 18:9 aspect ratio
  • CPU : MTK6737, Quad Core 1.3 GHz, Cortex A53, 64bit
  • GPU : MaliT720 MP2
  • RAM : 3 GB
  • ROM : 32 GB, Expandable Upto 128 GB
  • CAMERA: 13 MP front, 13 MP back, f2.0, Quad LED flash +Screen flash
  • BATTERY: 3050 mAh Li-Ion, Non-removable
  • OS : Android 7.0 Nougat, HiOS 3.2.0
  • SENSORS: Light, Proximity, Accelerometer, Fingerprint(back)

So should you be knowing this brand and the phone? Well that's for you to decide but I'll let you know my experience of this phone.

First let me simply say this, It's good. Else I wouldn't bother writing a review.
What people usually fail to see is that not only popular brands make the best mobiles. I often seen people reacting to the brand name instead of knowing what it offers. Well we can understand that not every person wants to try out a new technology that came out, So they naturally chose the brand they used or known for sometime. Anyway enough of brand discussion. Let's see if this phone worth your money.

So as you know this phone has a fullview display, not many phones comes with this feature in this price segment, well atleast not at the time of it's launching. Anyways it's a fullview display with a resolution of 720x1440. But even if it's not a full HD display, it still delivers pretty good visual quality. And also the viewing angles are great. The phone does look great and stylish thanks to this feature.

Talking about style, this phone is thin and weightless. Honestly I'm amazed how they can fit these features into this phone and make it not only slim but also weightless. It's not an easy feat to achieve, especially at this price. Only thing that I thought would have been better is the camera bump. They should had made a bump with led flash included and also with a ring like design around so that the lenses does not get scratched that easily. But this is still fine.

When it comes to performance, well it's definitely not meant for gamers. It was never even advertised as a capable gaming device either. But with that said, it doesn't slack off in performance. What I mean is it simply cannot handle high end games such as PUBG, asphalt 8 etc.. It can run these games but you may need to make some compromise in graphics settings or may face low fps in games like PUBG even in low settings. It is playable but for a competitive multiplayer it's just not enough. Anyways it can handle some games except for those hard titles.

But other functions such as multitasking and such handles pretty good. I never had a problem handling multitasking in splitscreen or even switching from one app to another without it being cleared from memory. Even though having a mediatek chipset the performance is great. And also the phone backed up with 3 GB ram and 32 GB storage.
Oh, and when talking about the chipset some of you might go like, 'ptff.. it's a mediatek, I bet it's gonna have a lot of heating problem and battery draining issue'. Well I can't agree with that part. Yes it did become hot, but only while playing those heavy games I mentioned before and also using it while charging the phone. Ofcourse most phones will get hot when used while charging. No phone brands recommend it. It's not like it will get hot just by viewing some gallery pics while you charging. Nop it doesn't, in most cases it's okay to use the phone while charging and it will remain with fair temps. But playing a game or multitasking while charging will make the phone hot. How hot? Well depends on the application. In my use it get upto about 48*C, and that is while charging. Except everything remains fairly cool.

So about battery? It's a 3050 Mah battery. But It feels like a lot more, thanks to well optimized System UI. I can achieve about 5-6 hours of screen on time with my moderate usage and Mobile data with Volte turned on all the time. They done a pretty good job in optimizing the UI this much that only a 3050Mah battery can give you juice for one whole day of usage in moderate usage. And that helped it making this phone weightless and slim.

So yeah the System UI is great for a custom made skin. And I'm glad it didn't end up like touchwiz. The UI in this phone is called HiOS. and It's not my favorite UI but it still delivers satisfying user experience. It's fast, responsive and also customizable. As I said before it is well balanced in optimization and battery life. Also this UI has many features to be explored.

Now let's focus on the feature which this phone is meant for, the camera. Well it's... average, but great for the price. It's not like your gonna be blown away with the picture clarity but it does the job. I mean for the price it is what you can expect. Colors are vivid and natural but may be a little overexposed. We can also control the exposure while focusing. Night shots are good, little noise but detail also suffer a bit. Front selfies are also in the same league since both the cameras are the same with f/2.0 aperture and 5p lens. The rear camera has a quad LED flash which does a damn great job lighting up things and front camera has a single flash along with screen flash. But video is only upto 720p. Overall camera is great for the price.

So, should you buy it?

Well if you want a good quality camera along with decent performance and battery life, then this is for you.
But if you want a phone that can last for more than a day, play heavy titles and stock android for some reason then definitely go for something else.


This phone really does a great job for the price your paying. For under 9000Rs this one is a must try. New phone will definitely launch with great specs but this phone is currently give you bang for the buck. It got a good specification as well as good build quality. Not many phone can have a good build quality when the price is cheap but this phone somehow attained it. I would recommend this phone if you are on a tight budget.

Oh and also this phone have Service centers around India, and comes with 1 month extended warranty, 100 days replacement warranty and 1 time screen replacement warranty.
So not a bad deal if you ask me. The rest is your choice. Good luck.

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