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Building A Budget 1080P Entry Level Gaming PC Under 50,000 Rs (650 Dollars) -Beginning of 2018

If you are planning to buy a gaming PC on a budget, then this might help you decide. Before we get starrted I like to state that 50,000 Rupees is not equal to 650 Dollars. It's just prices varies in places and these are the approximate total I got, according to Amazon. But for every components in this post, I recommend you also check the prices in offline stores. I will also leave (affiliate)links to Check prices or to Buy. For people in India, you can always import from if price is too high in


Let's start with the core of a PC. 2017 was a great year for Gamers for both games and also budget component. Now it's possible to build a PC with good computing power for games and softwares for a very cheap price.

Intel Pentium G4560

This here is a little beast. When this came out it was blasting off almost every i3 processors which was once considered the most budget friendly entry level Intel gaming processors. Pentium G4560 gives almost the same performance as an i3 would but costing only much as any other Pentium processors( Except for the 8th gen i3). But I can't say it's as cheap as before because as I said it is a great budget CPU that made it run out of so fast and eventually the prices hiked. It is now back to being cheap but definitely not cheap as before. For now this is the best budget CPU from Intel.

  • 14nm technology
  • 2 cores 4 thread
  • 3.50 Ghz
  • 54W TDP
  • LGA 1151

AMD Ryzen 3 1200 [Recommended]

This here is another budget beast. This one came out after Pentium G4560 for a bit higher price. But trust me this totally worth it. If you can spend some more I definitely recommend getting this one. AMD Ryzen 3 is the entry level CPU's in the Ryzen family. And this processor will give you better multitasking performance and also better minimum FPS in games.

  • 14nm technology
  • 4 cores 4 thread
  • base clock 3.1 GHz with boost clock of 3.4 Ghz
  • 65W TDP
  • AM4


Well nothing big to explain here. Here it will be depending on which CPU you chose. Being on budget you can't get the one's with awesome color schemes or RGB lighting. And also memory slots will be limited to 2, but that isn't a big deal. I would recommend you getting the cheapest but trustworthy Mobo which would be more durable and also warranty periods. But Motherboards are durable so warranty isn't an issue unless its really that cheap. I would suggest you go for Gigabyte since I'm currently using a Mobo from that brand and also have good reviews from customers but any known brand is okay. Get the best deal you can get.


If you are getting Pentium G4560 then my recommendation is the H110M series. There are vaients like -S2, -A but anything is good. One main difference between these two varients is that H110M-A have a HDMI port while the other one doesn't. Before H110 series motherboards needed a BIOS update to support Kaby Lake CPU's but now most of them are already updated. The links provided below, already have updated BIOS.

  • Supports 7th / 6th Generation Intel Processors
  • Dual Channel DDR4, 2 DIMMs
  • VGA or HDMI
  • LGA 1151 socket


If you are opting for Ryzen then the A320M series motherboard is the most affordable one's. This board is almost same as H110 but for Ryzen. This is an entry level Ryzen motherboard so don't expect any overclocking support.

  • Supports AMD Ryzen™ & 7th Generation A-series/ Athlon™ Processors
  • Dual Channel Non-ECC Unbuffered DDR4, 2 DIMMs
  • Fast USB 3.1 Gen 2 with USB Type-A
  • VGA or HDMI
  • AM4 Socket

Graphics Card/GPU

Like the CPU, GPU also are now available for affordable prices. Buying a Card that can handle 1080p gaming is not as hard as back in the days. With the evolution of new technologies graphics cards are now more powerful and efficient than ever before.

Nvidia GTX 1050 2 GB[Recommended]

I would strongly recommend you getting this card for entry level 1080p gaming. Till now as of 2017 end, this is the best card you can get for the budget. This card beats the previous budget cards which were GTX 750Ti and also Rx 460. Another reason for being in the best budget build is not only the cost but also it consumes less power. So it doesn't need a powerful PSU.

  • Pascal architecture
  • 640 Cuda cores
  • 128 bit

Nvidia GTX 1050Ti 4 GB

If you got a little bit more money to spend on GPU then my suggestion would be this card. Drawing almost same power output as the 2 GB version, this card almost gives 2 times the performance and VRAM. This card is equivalent, if not more powerful than the previous generation GTX 960. And yeah like the 2 GB varient it doesn't need a powerful PSU. Only some variants needs a 6 pin connector.

  • Pascal architecture
  • 768 Cuda cores
  • 128 bit

AMD Radeon RX 560 4 GB

If you are the guy who prefers AMD over Nvidia then this card is my suggestion for you. There was a hike in price before due to cryptocurrency mining but that seems to be settled down for now. This card gives almost the same performance of the GTX 1050Ti but should not cost more than that.card. So if you can find it for affordable price then you can buy it without worrying much. Even though it consumes more power it's not that much and no need to worry it on the PSU. If you can find it for less costlier than 1050Ti then it's worth going for it.

  • 4th Gen GCN Architecture
  • 128 bit

Nvidia GT 1030 2 GB

Not much cash for GPU? No worries because this card gives you a 1080p entry level gaming experience with some sacrifice in graphics details. Even though there is no reason to cheap out in a GPU you may face some personal issues.. Who knows?!.. Anyways for a much less price than the 1050, this card is mostly recommended for esports games. But you can still play some new titles with low to med-high settings in 1080p. This card gives you close or equivalent performance of GTX 750Ti.

  • 384 Cuda cores
  • Pascal Architecture
  • 2 GB GDDR5
  • 64 bit

> But buying the latest ones always maybe not the clever move. With the arrival of new affordable powerful GPU's the older generation did took some hit. So if you can find any previous generation powerful cards for affordable price then I recommend you get one.

Memory/ RAM

This part is most probably clear to most people. The standard RAM size for entry level gamers is 8 GB. But if you can find more than that through offers or some other way for affordable price then ofcourse yeah.. you can always get what's better. But I recommend you atleast getting 8 gigs of RAM. Anything below that might not be able to handle modern titles. And if you are worrying which brand or type to get then I say just get the cheapest one from a brand you trust. Most of the RAM brands are good one and it doesn't need to have that fancy heatsink. Just make sure the RAM you are getting is DDR4 and atleast 2400mhz. Getting a 2133mhz doesn't mean it's bad. It's just the price difference is so minor that there is no sense in getting a lower speed one. But in anycase these two doesn't have that much difference in performance. And if you can get a faster on for lower price then of course go for it. Just get the best deal you can. Some brands that I suggest are Corsair, G.skill, Kingston, Transcend, Ballistix, Adata etc. But any brand with a positive review is good. Just google it if you are not sure. Get faster RAM speed and longer warranty period for most affordable price.

Things to remember;

  • DDR4 memory
  • atleast 2400 mhz
  • long warranty period
  • doesn't matter if it has a heatsink or not
  • get a brand that you trust(for your personal satisfaction)

Storage/ HDD or SSD

Games these days have insanely huge sizes. And if you plan on filling your PC with lot of the new titles then you need a lot of storage space. But with this budget you may not able to get so much storage space unless you can find some good offers. But anyways it doesn't mean you'll be left with no storage for your games. If you previously don't have any HDD's or already have one or some but it's almost full, then getting a SSD would be a bad idea. As you guys know SSD are faster but also cost a lot more than HDD's. So in that case a HDD would be a good pick. With this budget you can get a 1 TB HDD. There also option for 500 GB also but the price difference is too low to consider lower size HDD's. So get a 1 TB or higher if you can pick one within your budget.
And if you already have enough storage for your games and files then picking a SSD would be a good idea. Even though at this price range you might only can afford a SSD with 120 GB it may still worth going for it. I don't usually recommend getting a SSD for budget build like this because of the small storage capacity they have for the price. Only buy a SSD if you already have enough storage space.

Things to remember;

  • HDD for more storage space on budget
  • SSD for faster file access and transfers ultimately reducing load times.
  • SSD lasts longer and immune to vibration since it doesn't have a physical disk inside
  • SSD are for people who already have enough storage space.
  • HDD for new budget builders and for those who need more storage space for less price.
  • Get the one most suits your need
  • Get the brand that you trust with longest warranty periods and look for reviews if not sure
  • some brands I suggest are Hitachi, Toshiba, WD, Seagate, Samsung, Adata, Sandisk etc.

Power Supply/ PSU/SMPS

Now that you have the needed specs for a 1080p gaming, all that left is to power up your build. Well you might thing that 'oh well i'll just get the cheapest one with needed watts for my PC specs, what can go wrong'. But trust me never ever cheap out on a PSU. If it's not qualified then it can bring down your whole PC when it fails. And just getting a higher watt PSU is not gonna solve the problem. What you need is the right PSU with right Watts and certification. So first check the needed watts through some websites (just google 'PSU watt calculator) and then when you know how much watts you need, only choose the one's with 80 plus certification. 80 Plus is a voluntary certification program intended to promote efficient energy use in computer PSU's. So this ensures that only 20% or less electric energy is wasted as heat, reducing electricity use and bills. It is classified into different levels as 80+, 80+ bronze, silver, gold, platinum and titanium, where efficiency increase from 80+ to 80+ titanium. So higher the better. But with this budget it may not be possible to get a gold or higher rated. So getting bronze should be enough. Even if you make some slight upgrades in the future it will still do fine. Get the brand you trust even though almost all of the 80+ certified are from good brands.

Things to remember;

  • Check the needed watts
  • Only get 80+ certified PSU's
  • Never ever cheap out on a PSU


Now that your rig is set up for 1080p gaming, you also need a 1080p monitor. If you already have a 1080p monitor then you can skip this part or if that's too old, feels outdated or you don't have one then you can check one out from these links. Also you can buy from offline stores if they are cheaper that way. Your choice.

Already have a 1080p Monitor?

Then you can invest that money to the GPU or CPU part. either getting an i5 or 8th gen i3 or a GTX 1060 would be a good choice.

>That's about it. You now have a powerful enough rig for a smooth 1080p gaming experience. Again, check prices also in offline store and compare them with online price and get what's worth. Even if you get some components 2nd hand it will still do okay, if it's not that much roughly used. If you have any question on building your rig, feel free to ask them in the comment section


I hope this topic helps even a little bit on deciding your new specs. If you have any question on building your PC let me know in the comment section. And if you find this post outdated at some point, let me know by leaving a comment. If you are planning to buy any components I mention online, then please consider buying them from the links that I provided. It helps me massively and it will help me to make more posts and video on my channel.


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